A new way to raise capital

Real estate developers/sponsors have historically relied on a combination of offline funding sources, including friends and family, brokers, and institutional capital to finance their projects. But with CommonWealth you can publish and promote your project, gain access to a deep-network of qualified investors, raise capital, and manage those investors during the project–all on one seamless platform.

Reasons to work with CommonWealth

With passive investors, you maintain control - Institutional funds often come with strict conditions or demands.CommonWealth investors take a passive position in your capital stack.

Spend less time and resources - Our technology helps you manage your raise without increasing overhead. Spend less time finding, converting, and managing new investors and more time on the ground managing your project

Use our marketing for your benefit - Elevate your firm’s brand. When you’re ready to launch your deal, CommonWealth will execute a sophisticated digital marketing plan designed to target these investors and position your offering for success.

Building digital communities - We will be your partner in developing a space that attracts the next generation of consumers, the digital natives that are just at home on the internet as they are in a coffeeshop.

Our team is here to support you through all stages of your offering

Deal Screening - CommonWealth’sInvestments team will review your firm’s background and deal to determine if it is a fit for the platform.

Launch - With your input, we’ll create and publish an offering detail page that gives potential investors access to your project’s proposed business plan and local market information. With our advanced digital marketing efforts, CommonWealth will put your offer in front of the right investors. You’ll potentially reach thousands of investors in our network, and find even more potential investors online.

Funding - Our Investor Relations team will manage the individual offers and help ensure you get your funds as quickly as possible

Post-Raise - We’ll provide ongoing support and education for your team, and will help facilitate communication between you and your investors for the life of your deal.

Digital Communities - Our team can provide you with the digital and web3 tools to help your real estate developments take up space both in offline and online spaces. Depending on the type of development, we can guide you towards modernization and the metaverse.

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